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Chamberlain College of Nursing Reviews


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"Excellent BSN nursing school. I love the school."

On board to graduate with BSN in about 3 weeks. I have had nothing but a positive experience. The instructors all have impressive degrees. They have been very supportive and whoever said they don't have much interaction must have had a broken phone and/or broken computer. They are required to respond within 48 hours of any correspondence. I have never had an instructor fail to respond within the time frame and usually before that deadline. They are very supportive in helping you obtain your degree and encourage you to expand your horizons and career in nursing. I even requested a personal phone call from one of my instructors to discuss my future plans with a master's and/or doctorate in nursing. This professor called after hours and spent nearly an hour of her time talking with me about different options and the pros and cons of each. She didn't have to to do this, but did it because she cared. I have nothing but good things to say about Chamberlain. Three of my co-workers have all gone to Chamberlain and they are all happy with the school too. One of them has become a unit manager, another has become a charge nurse, and one is ready to graduate with me in about three weeks. She is also considering continuing with Chamberlain to pursue her Masters in Nursing. That says a lot about their education and what they think about the school.