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Chamberlain College of Nursing Reviews


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"Do not go to this school.."

For anyone looking to get into nursing school because the waiting list for other schools is too long or because Chamberlain offers a BSN. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL. I was really excited to start nursing school without being on a waiting list that I was on. At first the faculty were very nice. Then once I was in the program, all the respect went out the door. Chamberlain faculty at the Phoenix location doens't stand by the nursing code of ethics. The faculty talks about students personal information to other students and teachers on the campus. This is the biggest hippa violation school. they do not care about their students. I had a pediatrics teacher that was horrible. She talked to so about me to other students thinking that I wasn't going to find out. She made my life hell. I went home crying after every class. She was completely unfair and I would never want what she did to me to happen to anyother student. More importantly, this school is very unorganized and promises one thing and does another. I was promised to graduate in April of 2012 and now I can't graduate until January of 2013. This has occured because of the facutly has lied to me and hundreds of other students about their graduation date. My whole life I have dreamed of becoming a nurse and this school has made me think otherwise. Chamberlain has made me think that I am not good enough and made other students feel the same. Noone should ever feel worthless after attending lab or lecture. We should feel empowered and enthusiastic after attending leb and lecture. I plan on getting my master's degree and it will not be from Chamberlain College of Nursing.