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Chamberlain College of Nursing Reviews


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"Disappointing ADN Program"

After reading through, it seems as though the positive comments for Chamberlain are from those in the BSN or RN to BSN programs. Neither of those programs are accelerated. The ADN program however is. I am more than halfway through the ADN program and to be honest all it has taught me so far is that I am really NOT looking forward nursing. Many of my classmate have also talked about the disgust we have for our field now due to the education we are receiving at this school. I had an instructor tell me that nurses tend to eat their young, and that is true with the instructors here too. If you have questions or do not know certain things, they act as if you are a moron for not knowing. If you ask for help or more tutoring, they will not give it to you. I have watched so many potentially great nurses fail course after course and even drop out all together due to the lack of help you get from the instructors. I have had another instructor tell our entire class that she was only there as a facilitator so really she only needed to grade our work not help us with the learning because we should be doing that on our own! I really would go to pretty much any other school if I could turn back time and go somewhere else. If you are thinking about going to Chamberlain, RUN don't walk away from there if you are planning on going into the ADN program.