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I've read some of the complaints from other students, i.e., owing a balance and not being able to retrieve transcripts, content for a test question not being found in textbook, and the school not being recognized by employers overseas. There is no school, whether profit or non-profit, which will release transcripts with a balance being owed; that's just a fact. Also, I do recall when receiving my ADN that a test question was posed from a picture caption in the textbook which no one had read. One of the things I was told when I first entered my ADN nursing program in 1993 was that as opposed to high school when it is the educators responsibility to teach, in college it is expected that the student learn which will require developing a deeper understanding of what is presented by doing research and extra reading. This is what I have experienced at Chamberlain and you are informed of this early on. The expectation is that you not only regurgitate the content that is presented in your text books but that you provide expanded information using peer reviewed resources to support your answers on the discussion boards, papers, and tests. Because this is an online school whose content is asynchonous and because you're not in a brick and mortar or synchonous program in which you can interact with a professor and classmates in real time, the only way they can assess what you have learned is through writing, which is why there are high expectations. Chamberlain is highly respected and when I first chose it in 2012 for my RN-to-BSN degree I did my research, ensuring it was regionally accredited (which it is) and that a degree from there would be accepted by other highly respected and reputable colleges I was considering attending for my MSN. I checked Best Colleges on US News and World Reports rankings and they were ranked very high for their online program both BSN and MSN. However, after speaking with a recruiter from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing which I was considering for my MSN who said that Chamberlain was a good choice for my BSN I decide to go with them. I have since completed my BSN and MSN and I'm now working on a graduate certificate in nursing education through Chamberlain. I chose to stay with them after obtaining my BSN because in comparing tuitions, as an alumni I was able to have the same tuition rate for my MSN as I did for my BSN, which is still cheaper than most other nursing schools. Please do your research. Because of the internet, bad reports spread and are held on to much quicker and much longer than good reports and often made worse with each telling. I have had a great experience with Chamberlain and I have had fantastic experiences with almost all of my professors (there's always one whose class you can't wait to complete) and who are all highly qualified and experienced. I hope this helps someone with their choices.