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Chamberlain College of Nursing Reviews


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"Chamberlain College of Nursing Review"

Being at Chamberlain has provided me when a wonderful experience inside and outside the classroom. I had previously attended a large University and going to a private school was a shock to me. I was overwhelmed with how easy it is to see your professor, and how much better class participation was.

My first semester I struggled with comparing Chamberlain to my last school, but I then realized the curriculum required more critical thinking out of me than I had gotten from the previous school. Chamberlains classes did not fill my head with useless information. The material I learned was applicable to my life and my future career

I believe people who attend a large university can appreciate this school as I have. Instead of being one of 200 nursing students, I am one of 50 in my particular graduating class. My advisors are responsive of my needs and I highly recommend this school to anyone I meet who is considering a degree in nursing.