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Chamberlain College of Nursing Reviews


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"Chamberlain - Columbus, Ohio - Mixed bag"

Here's the good: It's a good program - either online or on-campus. I currently attend and in my second and final year of the ADN program. The Teachers are practicing nurses, and they know their material. If you attend and graduate, you will be an RN, and you'll be a quality nurse. Here's the bad: I found the campus experience weak. The teachers were disorganized; getting time to speak with them was difficult; I also found one or two with poor teaching quality - reading the book with a power point - please. E mail and phone calls took forever to receive replies. Now, let me balance this out by saying I work overnights, so being on-campus wasn't a good idea, and I personally hold my Advisor responsible. Luckily, she just switched me to on-line - where I excelled in pre-nursing - and it's much, much better - but, agin, in fairness, that could also be me. The open labs are a mixed bag. Often times, you have to ask for help to get noticed and receive feedback. Again - you have professors who are 'student friendly' and others who act as if open lab were a chore - they make you feel incredibly uncomfortable and you're an intruder. The validation of skills is awful. It needs to be changed - big time. Worse, academic courses and your skills classes are inter-related. While this seems to make sense, it doesn't. Why would tie your academic and actual skills together completely without room for differentiation? In other words, you can pass your skills and fail the academic and be out of the class, or you can pass the academics and fail the skills and be out of the class. It's kinda of weird. And how can anyone "fail" a skill? You simply work on it repeatedly till you have it and have complete command. It simply is a matter of repetition. At Chamberlain in Columbus, you have one week where the skill is taught, and you must validate the next week. This is a process system that completely avoids taking each student's individual talents into account. There is a "U" system. You have a total four (4) "U's" to use. They say you get 5, but you fail the course on the fifth. Their system lacks tailoring for individual students needs and concentrates on the process versus the individual. Everybody is different, and you will get lost on campus - not only with clinical skills, but in overall learning treatment. My campus experience was definitely a "one size fits all" type of thing in terms of the process. Yet, despite all that, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Columbus, Ohio campus IS A GOOD nursing school. You WILL learn - providing you put in the effort necessary. I don't think the school is great, but it is good, and there is an emphasis on producing quality, patient oriented nurses. And I believe that wholeheartedly. I am glad however, I changed to online. The tuition seems high, but, by comparison, it's on-par with other nursing programs around the area.