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Bryant & Stratton College Reviews


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"joke of a program"

I'd first like to explain that I am a graduate of the program and easily found employment after completing the program, but I feel that I had to work much harder on my own than I should have. Other folks stating that this is a poor program at best are correct. The school only cares about keeping the program from being shut down, so that they can continue to charge $60,000 for 2 years of school. Also, I have found that less and less hospitals are willing to hire graduates of this program. I was lucky because I am a male nurse. If you are considering this school, please proceed with caution. DO NOT BE IN A RUSH!!! you will certainly do better at your local community college! The instructors change more frequently than most people change their underwear. The only instructors that remain are the ones who are willing to play the college's game and weed out students during the last 2 semesters. They are of no help whatsoever. By the way, there's nothing better than having an instructor who is supposed to teach a class, say pharmacology, which has such hard terms to remember, and the instructor can barely speak english! Again, I'm a graduate of the program and I wouldn't suggest it at all. Please look at other options and talk to others who have attended this program. I'm just sick and tired of this school abusing students they way they have, and will continue to do!