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Bryant & Stratton College Reviews


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"Upset Student"

When I started out at Bryant and Stratton College almost two years ago I thought it was a great school. If I knew what I know know I would never had enrolled into this college. Starting off I had some really great instructors but eventually that ended. A lot of the teachers I have had are not competent to teach a class. A lot of the good ones are gone. Teachers and advisors that have been teaching at this school for 15 and plus years have either been fired or quit. They had to pull one of the teachers in the middle of the semester because we were not learning anything from her. For the last two semesters I have being paying out of pocket because they claim I have no money left. They will rob u blind. The tuition is way too expensive and I feel as how will I ever repay it. I am only in a associates program. No one can answer any of my questions at my school. Questions about finical aide and a whole lot of questions. I can't talk to the dean because she no longer works there. She either quit or got fired. No one knows anything because people are new or have been moved around from different departments. It seems no one has the proper training. I actually liked school at first but now I absolutely hate it and this experience make me want to never go back. I will be graduating in May and after that I will cut all ties with this school. It has been the worst experience of my life. I do not recommend anyone to ever go here.