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Bryant & Stratton College Reviews


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"Let down"

I am an Alumni of this school, and after two years from graduation, I had gone to Admissions to retrieve my school ID, to get my resume from my old school files. Which only to be told "any students' ID and files upon graduating, had been gotten rid of any memory of them, along with any files that belonged to them!" Then the admissions counselor had quipped w/a smile, "So what are you gonna do now?!" as he straighten his pile of papers, and waved me on for the next student in line. This school had boasted during orientation that "After we all graduated they are there to help us out, at any given point". Well at the given point, two years post-graduating, they not only purged my student ID & files belonging to me, but also rudely got shoved away, as if I was scum. The ONLY thing positive I can commend this school is there professors!