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Bryant & Stratton College Reviews


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"Fantastic College"

I signed up for this program because I have heard amazing things about this college. I attended previously under the Information Technology program, but left because I was not interested in doing Information Technology for the rest of my life. 4 years later I am signed up under their Paralegal Studies program and I love it so far. Signing back up was not as hard as I thought. I had to write a paper on why I felt that I should be re-admitted to the school because I left so suddenly before. After the review was done I was accepted back and did not have to worry about getting records again because they had my records from before. Financial Aid was a breeze. I had to fax tax documents and that was pretty much it after the Fafsa and I was good to go. The staff is intelligent and they care about you doing well. Just this week I have had four emails from my adviser as motivation to maintain going to school. My professors are in tune with you and give excellent feedback on the courses. If I am having an issue with anything I can email my instructor and get a response relatively quick. I recommend this school to anyone serious about school. I will be honest with you, it is a hard avenue as the work is accelerated and is somewhat time consuming. This is indicative of any college you stand to learn anything from. I see some people have had issues with the college, but to be honest you can find issues anywhere you go so long as you are doing extra actions with the financial aid department that is not necessary and not put in effort in your classes. You get out what you put in. I graduated from home school so I am no stranger to teaching myself and you will learn if you look at it as a learning experience. If you are looking to just gain a degree without putting up the work for it then this is not the college for you because they will figure out your game based off the quality of work turned in and will boot you from the college. I love it and look forward to finishing and finding work in my field. The employers certainly does not laugh at Bryant & Stratton!