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Benedictine University Reviews


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"Benedictine is Inflexible"

I chose Benedictine for their history of academic excellence, and what I thought was their flexible online program. I am an American living abroad and travel extensively with my job and require professors that can accept an occasionally late assignment when my real job gets in the way of my schoolwork. If I had the free time, I would have attended a traditional school. Beyond a few professors that are rigid in their grading habits, the worst part about the program is that their concentration courses to specialize your MBA (in Finance, International Business, etc...) are offered every other session when you are trying to finish the degree. This means that although you have only one or two classes left to degree completion, you must delay your graduation date until they offer your required class again. The absurd policy of adding or dropping a class within 3 days of the class start date also is not flexible. The motivation for me to write this review is based upon the fact I just moved back to the US, tried to register for a class that started last week and was told I will have to wait until March 2012 to take the class because it is not offered next session, either. Other competing schools are MUCH more flexible. The flexibility is the key to an online degree program, and it does not exist with Benedictine. It is a shame because Benedictine has a good reputation as a University, and some of the support staff that you will work with from the school are fantastic, but the policies are written against the non-traditional student.