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Bellevue University Reviews


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"Research First"

I was disappointed after enrolling and graduating from BU's online program. My disappointment came from a variety of concerns that I thought were of a valid nature. I will share them, not to be negative, but to allow others to make an informed decision about BU. To begin with, I did not feel challenged; I received A's in all my classes with little effort on my part. Next, my professor was the same person for all my classes with the exception of the Kirkpatrick series. In addition, I felt the instructor lacked work experience in the subject area and was instructing based upon text book knowledge only. Then there were diploma issues. The diploma was received 3 months after commencements and it was rather 'cheesily' looking and feeling. It failed to list my major, so I called to inquire why. I was told that 'they don't do that' and I figured it was a cost saving issue. I hate to give a bad rap to a school I went to, but in all honesty I would not recommend attending BU. If you care about your education, carefully investigate other options. Sorry BU; this is not sour grapes, but a true series of events that potential students should be aware of so they may make a well informed decision. I wish someone would have written this for me before I made my decision to attend BU