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Bellevue University Reviews


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"Perfect for Self-Learners"

I figure, you get out of any experience what you bring to it. And, I feel that Bellevue was a great place for me-- a self-learner, who was forced to drop out of Ohio State due to extreme financial hardship and work full time--to earn a BS in Business, quickly and cheaply. I especially liked the cohort approach. No choices. Take these recommended classes lock-step. Complete your capstone. Done. My prior 2-years of college taught me how to learn. It instilled in me a voracious appetite for learning. And I taught myself a lot in the intervening years. Here is a partial list: On the Sciences side... -> Advanced statistical and data analysis for work -> Linear algebra (to get through a miserable winter) -> Differential Equations -> Computer programming and database management On that Arts side... -> Wrote a novel (still unpublished) and many poems and short stories, some of which were published in small literary journals. -> Learned to play a jazz guitar, and music theory -> I read most of the classics But I did not have that velum. And that hurt me in my career a bit. My HR manager recommended a few online universities to help me out. One of those happened to be Bellevue. Bellevue allowed me 100% credit for my prior course work. They allowed me to test out of out of statistics, accounting, and finance prerequisites. Work experience and a few writing samples sufficed for a others. I was done in about 9-months, at a fraction of the time and cost it would have cost me at other online universities or local state universities. Bellevue was far from perfect, though. There was far less material available when I attended Bellevue that there is now. This was the time before broadband, so there were no online lectures, like the Khan Academy and MIT Open Courseware. Everything was flat text. And I did have the same teacher for every unit, which back then (in 2000) was typical of accelerated courses in the Professional Studies college. And, there was very little rigor in math-based courses, like financial management and data analysis. But, typical for me, I read mentally challenging analytical texts during the during the week, and then blasted through the bulletin board coursework on the weekends. My capstone, though, still makes me happy. In fact, I keep it in case a future hiring manager asks about Bellevue. I will show them a thorough analysis of a business process, and how I used a process map to reduce errors in that process by between 85 and 97%, depending on the sample we took.