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Bellevue University Reviews


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"Great MBA"

Just graduated from Bellevue's MBA program in May 2013 and let me you that it was an excellent experience. The courses are less than $500 per/credit hour and it was worth every penny! I believe that this is one of the best deals that one can find for solid online MBA degree. Even if the classes were $700 per/credit hour I would still pay it! Overall, this was a very challenging program and I felt that I was able to apply a lot of the material to my current job. I would recommend this program to anybody as long as they are willing to put forth the effort needed to complete this program. There are definitely a few “weed out” courses that will eliminate anyone looking to breeze through their MBA studies. If you like being pushed and don’t mind a challenge, I would recommended Bellevue University for your MBA. Good luck!