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Art Institute Online Reviews


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"Honing my skills...."

Attending the Art Institute Online was the perfect choice to get me started on my college career path. I could stay home, attend college, and still be there for my kids and work from home. There were a couple of classes that I had exceptional experiences in, the composition classes being two of them, where I aced every essay and was told I should be considering a Master's program due to the quality of my writing. If The Art Institute had a Creative Writing program, I would've stuck with that school - but once I finished my AS in Web Design & Interactive Media, I knew I needed to go back to follow my original passion and dream: writing. I was accepted into SNHU's online Creative Writing BA program and am starting that within the next two weeks, so once I'm well into it, I'll be reviewing that as well. The college experience with AiO was absolutely wonderful, and even though I'm not technically working in the field I studied for, attending college online for those first couple of years has given me research skills, communication skills, and the drive to succeed in my next degree program. I highly recommend this school!