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Argosy University - Online Reviews


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"Run for your life"

Please read this before making any decisions. Yes, I have a Master's degree, but not from this school. This school nearly took away my education due to the lies and stories they feed you to get you hooked. Take the time to know that if a school is worthwhile then you must take a GRE to get in, unless of course, you have already graduated from that school and do not need to due to obtaining your first degree from there. The staff turnover is unbelievable. Turnover every few weeks, this is NOT A REAL SCHOOL! for example, Tampa, Florida. this is a two story building with approx. four rooms on a second floor that they label a campus. There is no guidance, no real classes and there is NO learning going on here. Needless to say after countless encounters with VERY pushy employees I decided to not further my education at this "school", but rather pursue my goals at a REAL university. Trust me, there is not a single person on this planet that will know, nor be impressed by Argosy University. Just ask anyone! Also, I will not bother you with the details of a instructor that my self and other students had to take all the way to the top for unprofessional behavior and bilking us out of our money. Trust me, don't do it! God Bless!