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"I have lots of financial aid problems, too"

After earning my BA in psychology at Argosy Orange County, CA campus with no issues, I decided to enroll in the Masters of education degree to become a teacher. We all know what happened to districts not hiring teachers anymore because of state budget cuts, so basically my degree would be worthless now if I did finish it. But beyond that, dealing with Student Services and financial aid here is a NIGHTMARE. First, the reps in the Orange County are merely puppets - all of the decisions and processing comes from central processing in Chicago. Good luck trying to find any type of contact information should you want to talk to your file processor yourself rather than keep waiting for unresponsive staff on campus. They have an 800 number where you leave a message and no one ever calls you back. Trying to get information on status of my loans and when I can expect my disbursements is a total joke. I have been to some great schools and never had this kind of slowness or problems. Evidently, central processing handles the aid for ALL campuses throughout the U.S., so they are so overwhelmed with minimal staff, you will get VERY poor service in this area. I have had to constantly fight for every dime I've received. I'm approved by the bank for a certain amount, but Argosy chops it way down based on your cost of attendance (which is probably not what your actual costs will be) - if they get this figure wrong (too low), you won't get everything you were approved for and will get shortchanged. Then, they try to fix the problem, and your aid gets delayed while they send corrections to the USDE. ARRRGGGG. Take my advice and go to a college that has an in-house financial aid office, a rep you can actually talk to and check on status, and the school actually knows how to process financial aid. These Argosy people are bozos.