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Argosy University - Online Reviews


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"Great So Far!"

So far my experience has been great. I am too busy to go to a classroom so this is ideal for me. Your best bet is to research what is ideal for your budget and schedule but you must keep in mind that every school has its issues. I know people at Strayer and Pheonix online, and they have the same format as Argosy. Digital books, online postings and papers. I heard nothing negative about Argosy, and when I look for jobs, an MBA is an MBA whether it comes from Argosy or another online university. Unless I am competing against an Emory/Harvard graduate, I do not think this will hinder my job searches. "Advisors" My financial aid/academic advisor is much like any other advisor at a university, hard to rearch but when you get them, they are on target and put 100% into fulfilling your request. My professors all have Ph.D's and I even attempted to look up a job to see what the criteria for a professor was. It requires years of experience and a doctorate so I am confident that my professors are knowledgable about the subject matter. I would suggest following the assignments to a "T", then you will gain full credit for it. Learn your professor's habits. One of my professors is highly picky about formatting, another one likes exactly 500 words for a paper, another does not penalize for late papers if it is submitted before she grades them on Mondays, another one penalized if the discussion questions were not posted as a word attachment, etc. "Tuition" Getting additional funding is easy, but you need to be specific in your needs as they are required to double up your funding to cover the next session. Example, you borrow $400, they will have to put it in for $800; so $400 now, the other $400 in May when the next session begins. Other Master's Degree programs are comparable in rates. Devry/Keller university has the same format, rates, digital books, professors, etc. About $20k; all loans is the total tuition cost. "Coursework" When I initially began, I had 3 prerequisites that needed to be satisfied prior to grad courses. They accepted my "microeconomics" from my undergrad at another State university. I will say this about the coursework, be prepared to write a paper weekly and time yourself for the assignments. Typically the week starts Wednesday with the first discussion due then, then the paper due that Sunday. Participation and APA format; drill that into your head. APA, APA, APA; know it, learn it, breathe it, even in your discussions. With any education, you get what you put into it. Slack off and make excuses then you put yourself into a bind and it will be difficult to work through it. I got a D for my very first class due to moving/wedding and had to retake it. Now I maintain a 3.5 gpa and plan to make A's until I graduate in December. You will have to receive at least a "B" to graduate. They will assign your classes for you and you must stay on your advisor about taking more than one course if you wish to do so. I took 2 classes at a time so I will technically complete my degree in 15 months. The courses are challenging, expecially if you do not have a background in the subject matter. Accounting kicked my tail and was my first class, hence the "D". The last class of the progam will have to be taken solo as my advisor told me since it wraps up the MBA courses.