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"Argosy is a rip off"

First, let me say that I rated materials, teachers, and technology all a 5 because I really have no idea what they were like. Read below for a story about how completely un-awesome Argosy is at customer service, treating their students well, and being a well-run business in general. After all, they are a business, and you're joking yourself if you think that they aren't in the education game to make money. What a rip off. I sign up for information, and immediately start getting calls and mail pressuring me into registering. I figure it's only $50 to apply, and I was wanting to go back to school, so I apply and get accepted. Life was extremely busy at that point, and after applying I get slammed with countless emails and calls from multiple people pressuring me into registering right away. I finally concede to give 2 classes a try online, and am enrolled over the telephone by some lady. After around 3 days, I call back to un-enroll, and leave a message, since my buyers remorse let me know that there was no way I could handle going back at the time. I also call the guy who pressured me into applying, as well as some other lady who was involved in-between trying to get me student aid. When I don't get a call back in 2 days, I write emails to all of them. And then another follow up email a few days later. Again, from all three, I never get a response. I finally write a final letter to all 3, as well as to the school's general email, attach all my previous emails, my synopsis of what is going on, and send it off requesting that someone contact me. I never hear a word untill... Three months later, some guy from their billing calls my phone while I'm at work and leaves a threatening voice mail about how they are going to come after me for the debt owed. I call him back, twice, and never get a call back. Then, three months after that, I get a letter from a collections agency (RMS) that Argosy hired to go after the debt. They are, as they should be, super pushy and very "you owe this money to us and there is nothing you can do about it." I explain that I'd like to at least toalk to someone about the situation, what happened, and to see if there is a reasonable solution. At this point, they say that Argosy made very clear all their policies in their employee handbook when I registered. Then I explain I never got a handbook, it was all done over the phone quickly. Then he says, well, then I should have known to look online for the instructions to withdraw. I explain no one ever got back to me after repeated attempts. Thanks Argosy for not only helping me out when I was trying to figure out how to even log in to view my classes, but with this new debt, not allowing me to attend a real institution until I can figure this out.