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I completed my course six months ago, and still have not received my Degree via mail. I had three different advisors while attending the school, all of whom were witches. I don't know how my last advisor keeps her job - as she is unprofessional in every sense of the word. She is rude and is an adversary and certainly not an advocate. She has been a nightmare! I would say 99% of the Professors provided excellent teaching; and the course work is not easy, but rather difficult. My advisor would not recognize my GPA of 4.0 and said she would not send my my certificates, even though I fully met all of the requirements and should have graduate Summa Cum Laude. The interaction between student's was great; however, some faculty have difficulty in controlling "out of control" students. Financial Aid was a complete joke - as nothing was ever explained to me - at all!!! The degree auditing department is just as bad. Without boring you with all the details, in the 2 years I attending, I experienced: Deception, Fraud, Breach of Contracts, Intentional Misrepresentation and more. If I could get others to join me, I would certainly begin a class action suit. I would NOT recommend this school to anyone. You will have absolutely NO support while attending. While you a promised a "Professor Mentor" you will not get one. I requested one repeatedly to no avail - along with my othe fellow classmates. In addition, the fraudulently induced me into enrolling by stating they were accepting not only all of my AA credits, but additional college credits - then one year later they changed their mind and instead of the 90 transfer credits, they gave me 27 - which is LESS for the required enrollment! This cost me an arm and a leg to finance!!! They completely misled me and ripped me off - basically they stole from me. They continue to steal from me, due to the fact I have completed all that is required of me to recieve my Degree - yet, I still do not have it. My advisor lies constantly to me and always has, so I have no idea when I will recieve it or "if" I will receive it. I have a 4.0, have extremely high recommendations and comments from all of my Professors, I am not a flake, I pay and have paid for my education - and they have ignored me, made my educational experience a nightmare and treated me like crap - and they continue to do so today. Heed my warning and RUN from this school. Go anywhere else but Argosy to get an education. I have been to many colleges, and I have never been treated with such disrespect, consistently lied to and decieved and actually treated with hatred and complete disdain - especially from my so-called academic advisor. Go to a school where you will be treated like the dedicated student you are - and as the PAYING customer as you are. Argosy needs to remember who pays their bills; however, nothing will change unless we, the alumni and current students, stand together to make a change and start sending in complaints to the Board of Education and each and every accrediting Board. They need to be stripped of each of their accreditations and need to be forced to pay back the tuition for an education we did not receive. If anyone would like to join me in searching for a lawyer and also writing the accreditation committees, please respond to this posting. Thank you.