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Ashford University Reviews


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"Very Happy Graduate 2010"

Ashford explained everything to me from financial aid to transferring credits. I transferred 79 credits from my A.A.S. from a community college, so I only had to go less than 2 years to finish my degree. I got a GREAT job right out of school and was able to pay off my loan in a little over 2 years. I am so very glad that I chose Ashford for many reasons: affordability, quality of education and course structure. You go continuously for 5 weeks every class, with no breaks except for 2 weeks at Christmas. It lets you complete in the least amount of time and also does not let you get lazy in between semesters. I LOVED Ashford!!!! I am looking into getting a Master's from them but since I just paid off my loans, I am waiting a while before taking on any more debt. I really don't need it. I just want it for self satisfaction.