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Ashford University Reviews


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"Think Twice"

Ashford University is fine as long as you don't have any problems. I was bounced from one financial services advisor to another. During the 7 classes I took at this school I had approximately 7 financial advisors. I complained about not having consistency and continuity but this did not seem to matter because they still changed my advisors frequently. Academically I did not learn much of anything; I breezed through these classes without cracking my book most of the time. I was on the Deans List with a 4.0 with little to no effort which in turn made me question how prepared I would be to enter my chosen profession once I completed my degree. It is important to me to feel as though I have learned something after paying $1116.00 per class. Ashford's textbooks are Ashford specific meaning they want you to purchase books only from their bookstore. I was lucky enough to have an enrollment advisor who told me I could rent the book as long as the title, author and edition matched it would be the same book though the cover may be different but the content would be the same. You can't search by ISBN either because it is an Ashford specific book so therefore the ISBN will not match. The final straw for me was when I tried to resolve an issue with my instructor (not professor) regarding an assignment and I was advised she would not discuss the issue and not to contact her anymore so I contacted the school for an informal resolution and she refused to cooperate with the mediator. I have since withdrawn and realized that this University is all about PROFIT and not education. I would advise anyone thinking about attending this school to do your homework and make sure you know what you are getting into. I will say I loved the 5 week format however there is lots and lots of writing in each class even math. I didn't mind the writing but every class has a paper due at the end and several that are due throughout the 5 week session. I had a couple of instructors who were very involved and others that you only knew were there because you received a grade for the assignment. I believe Ashford University (AKA Bridgepoint Education) is much too expensive for the quality of education! I also am of the belief that they value profit over providing a solid education. I had a great enrollment advisor and academic advisor however, they are not the ones doing the teaching and really have little say in resolving issues.