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Ashford University Reviews


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"Successful with Ashford International Business BA"

I have attended 10 different learning programs. All have their shortcomings. Part of what makes a graduate a preferred hire over non-degreed job applicants is their ability to complete something. Life and the workplace share this trait: There are surprises, turns, and unexpected difficulties. On campuses everywhere, wise advisors tell students: "Treat your financial aid like an entire separate course all unto itself." Failure to navigate financial aid, get the facts, ask the right questions, keep records, and follow through are things that cause failure in life and in the work place. They also cause people to fail at school. Online is a little more difficult- you don't have a friend, study partner, or classmate who can advise you and walk you to the correct department and to the most helpful person.

I learned to do these things at other colleges. I had no problem with understanding costs; I inquired aggressively about everything before I applied. I had no problem with financial aid; I read everything they sent me, and pressed them with my questions.

Be encouraged, prospective students: Apply yourself. Make the calls, send the emails. As soon as they respond, fire another email at them with all your new questions. Call, call, call. That is how you succeed in school, and how you succeed in business and the work place. A leader of the Stanford entrepreneur's school said all entrepreneurs share a common trait: tenacity. You have to push until you get the answer/thing/result you want and need.

MATERIALS: The text books are the same ones used at other campuses all over the U.S. and in Europe. WEBSITE: The site is easy to use and user-friendly. Several updates to interfaces were made during my time at AU.