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Ashford University Reviews


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"Stop Complaining"

Ashford seems to provide a good learning experience. I have been in for over 2 years now. I would however like to say to everyone completing these courses that these schools need to make a profit to stay open and the fact that people are complaining as if they should be give special treatment is crazy. One person commented on how bad Argosy University is but the true question should be about the education and while financial aid and the likes are an aspect of the process, the school is not in control of the financial aid process. In addition if they were, that is one individuals bad experience and does not mean that the school is bad as a whole. People really should STOP using this forum as an area to vent their complains and give people the information that they need by not personalizing the situation and realize that crap happens. People need the real information on if the school offers a solid education rather than one, probably, isolated incident!