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Ashford University Reviews


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Strengths: All of the teachers followed the guidelines and met their minimum requirements of their positions. Few went above and beyond their job scope. Weakness: Financial aid (ill) advisors do not know or understand they need to communicate with us (students) to satisfy the 'verification process'. Between the two (ill) advisors I had the displeasure of dealing with, the school and students would be better off if they closed this department. No supervisors call back from this department and each person you contact has different information, most of which is incorrect. I did not qualify for financial aid, but had to deal with this frustrating department to receive loans. These (ill) advisors do not contact you that you need to send in verification papers until they are past due, do not send useful emails to tell you exactly what they need for the verifcation process. They never returned one call or request from a voice mail or e-mail nor do the supervisors. BOOKS- You will be purchase Ashford Editions of all the books, you will not be able to find them in any website to purcahse used. The Ashfod editions are not nice magazine quality pages for most classes, but the brown paper towel type paper with the cost of 'real' college texts. ADVISORS: You will be asked to review government websites that are near impossible for the experts to find answers to see if the Rio (college) for graduates fulfill your states requirements. I have found alot of information that many students have financial issues and I wish I would have researched this before choosing Ashford. These students are passing classes and so will your peers after you graduate. The senior and capstone classes do not get any better as far as educational knowledge among the students. I would never hire an Ashford Graduate without requesting some of their research paper samples. I am an Ashford Graduate with my Bachelors Degree and thank goodness have made plans to start at another college for my Masters and eventually my PhD, so the Asford name on my transcripts will be very low on my educational resume.