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Ashford University Reviews


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"Overall Good Education"

I graduate in April 2012. I truly enjoy Ashford. The posts that I see about materials being a rip off, well I have attended two other schools, and Ashford texts were no different than the others. Sure Ashford has a few Ashford Edition texts but they are compilations of books that are extremely useful to the courses. You can find many of Ashford's text on Amazon or even Ebay if you look. As far as financial aid concerns, that is EVERY school, if you do not stay on top of it, it will come back to bite you anywhere. I have never had a problem at Ashford in regards to financial concerns. Every charge has been legit, but I have never withdrew out of a class either. It is important to know every university charges you if you withdraw past the deadline...Also--I am seriously getting tired of all of the bashing of for-profit education and online learning. We do more written work in 5 weeks than most traditional students do in an entire semester. When I was a traditional student I didn't learn anything. Ashford's curriculum forces you to apply the materials, instructor's guidance, external sources, and your own real world experience into every week of each 5 week class. There are written assignments normally 2 per class, 10 discussion postings as well as tests to assure you are reading the text. My only concern is that when I graduate and apply to graduate school I will be laughed at because of the hierarchy of negativity surrounding online education. The truth is I have learned more than I ever did in a traditional school, and have done well on critical thinking exams as well as GMAT practice tests. I plan to take the GMAT before I graduate, and hopefully with my continued studying and writing practice with my Ashford Curriculum I will be able to laugh back at the people who post in forums that you have to go to a traditional school to gain a useful education! GO SAINTS!