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Ashford University Reviews


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"It's been good so far"

I have been attending Ashford since Sept of 08. I had an Associate's degree from a community college and they took ALL of my credits, and they also let me keep getting general education credits from the community college which saved me a lot of money. I have 3 more classes to go, including the class I am in now. As far as faculty goes, I like most of my professors as a rule. I think 4 of them were substandard and were there as facilitators, but I had that at the community college also. I loved the blackboard they used, but they just changed to a new system which I do not like, but in all fairness, I am not used to it yet, and I am not good with change. I am pretty organized and a self motivated person, so I like working on my own, with no group projects. I am doing well, but it is NOT easy, and I have an above average IQ. I am so sick of writing papers that I could throw up about now, but after I am finished with each one, I see how much I learned from it, and realize why we must do them. All in all, a good experience and a convenient way to get an education when one is leading a busy life. I recommend it.