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Ashford University Reviews


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"I LOVE Ashford!"

It is NOT a easy way out. This is NOT an accelerated program. I am getting a 4 year degree in 4 years. It is hard to understand the way the grants and loans work and what to expect back in your stipend. The financial department is good with answering any questions. You have advisers in every different area that are just a phone call or email away. (financial, student, academic, records, enrollment). When I email any of them they respond with a phone call the same day. The instructors are very knowledgeable and are also very helpful. Ashford has the same accreditation as all the well known big local Universities in my area. It is challenging and rewarding. I love everyday. It is NOT too easy. You get out what you put in. If you do the work and spend the time and show a good understanding of the material you are likely to get a good grade. There is A LOT of reading and writing and this is NOT a good school for someone that needs a lot of explanation and one on one or hands on. Independent learners that do well on their own and are disciplined enough to spend hours and hours a day on the material are going to do well! I do not regret my choice to attend here at all! I LOVE IT!! I am going in to my 3rd year.