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Ashford University Reviews


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"Great classes, horrible admin office"

I am currently in my second year at Ashford University. I love the program, the curriculum, and most of the instructors. However, the school administration is absolutely terrible. When I was pregnant, I went into early labor and applied for a leave of absence five different times. I was given a different reason why the application was denied each time. When I spoke with my advisor about it, I was told that leave was really meant for 'a death in the family or something like that'. I have had four different financial aid advisors. When I applied for leave, the financial aid advisor at that time went through my past finances and discovered that I owed $862.00. I had owed that bill for a year and had not been notified in anyway that I needed to pay it before the day I went to the hospital to give birth. After that incident, I was randomly selected by the school for financial aid verification. This is where the school goes through your finances to make sure you didn't lie on your FAFSA, as it was explained to me. I faxed in 25 pages. I received a voicemail from the school on a Saturday afternoon informing me that they needed additional information and that they had sent me an email. I did not receive the email and their offices are not open for business on the weekends (even though that is when they called). Through a 17 page email chain with yet a different financial aid advisor, it comes to light that they had lost the first page of my original fax. They did not admit it and not once apologized for the inconvenience. The staff is extremely rude and have treated me like they do not have time for me. I only recommend this school if you do not have any reason to deal with the admin offices.