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Ashford University Reviews


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I think I leapt before I looked. Ashford was the first online school to get through to me when I sent a general inquiry out into cyberspace. I was excited at the prospect and jumped on it. Three shoddy academic advisors later and a string of unfortunate personal incidents, I am no longer enrolled there - and not by my doing. The coursework was certainly doable, but they waste a lot of time in the beginning with lessons on Adult Learning and Life Launch - money I would have rather spent on texts that would earn me transferable credits. The communication from the advisors was very poor and I was never alerted as to when I was switched to a new one. I spoke with my last one a week and a half ago to take a temporary LOA and he never once mentioned I was teetering on the brink of disaster. It is definitely what you put into it, but a little more proactive guidance along the way wouldn't have hurt.