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Ashford University Reviews


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"Could be better, could be worse"

I'm a couple of classes away from my BA degree. I find the major flaw with this school's education to be that they have students rely almost entirely on the book they've selected to teach the students. The instructors are really just there to grade your assignments and answer any questions. Another problem is that the teachers are inconsistent in adhering to the school's writing guide. I only had one negative experience with an instructor, really though. Thankfully I don't think he teaches there anymore. A non-education issue I had was with the enrollment people and my academic advisor. Since Ashford will allow transfer students with an associate's degree to get directly into their major coursework, it really is a great deal. But enrollment folks there "overlooked" my associate's degree three times, so they kept insisting that I needed to take all sorts of extra classes. I had to be persistent in getting them to figure out their error. My academic advisor simply would not return any of my emails or phone calls to help me with the issue and I had to resolve it on my own. I did complain and I was assigned a new academic advisor. The bottom line is I don't know how respected a degree from Ashford is. I selected Ashford because it was suggested by a friend and I simply needed a BA degree to get a raise at work. My employer doesn't care where it is from, as long as it is from an accredited university, which Ashford is. Although it may sound silly, I do like the fact that Ashford is a real university with a traditional campus, sports teams, etc. It gives me a sense (possibly a false sense!) that I'm earning a degree from a real school rather than a totally virtual school. Based on my experiences at Ashford I would feel comfortable recommending it since I suspect that other distance education programs have the same issues I commented on.