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Ashford University Reviews


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"Absolutely LOVED Ashford!!"

I proudly completed my double major degree at Ashford in Nov. 2010. I had a great experience! Yes, with anything in life whether it's school, job, spouse, children, etc., I had a few bumps; I had an instructor whom I fought all the way through class (and WON), I had financial advisor who would NEVER return my calls, but I turned that lemon into lemonade! And I had classmates that were arrogant, ignorant, and downright racist, but what do you do? You keep your eyes on YOUR prize and kep stepping. I have learned that everything is not for everyone, Ashford may not be for everyone, perhaps Capella or Kaplan or University of Pheonix would be a better choice for some, but for me, Ashford rocks!! And the commencement ceremony was everything I had dreamed of . . . great school, quality education, you get what you pay for (well hopefully you do, I did), and I will never forget my undergrad experience at Ashford!!