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Sociology Degrees Online

Sociologists study human behavior on a large scale.

They seek to understand how and why people and societies behave as they do by studying business, political organizations, religions, and how different groups of people interact with each other.

Sociologists earn approximately $57,870 per year. Online sociology degree programs prepare you for many different careers, including:

  • Research sociologist
  • Market researcher
  • Advertising manager
  • Customer services director
  • Labor relations specialist

The general definition of sociology is the studying of society. Through analysis and investigation, people within this field learn to understand humans and their social activities.

The goal of sociologists is to research information, so they can gather data for creating social policy and the protecting the overall welfare of cultures. Common subjects that are researched include law, health, religion, medical, social class, and culture.

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Typical courses include research, statistics, cultural studies, politics, and anthropology.

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