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Online Political Science Degrees

Political scientists study the political behavior of people and groups.

With a degree in political science, you might run for office, plan a campaign, interview public officials, lobby senators, or report the news. This degree keeps you busy—and in demand.

An online political science degree program can pay off: political scientists make an average of $86,750 per year. Some job opportunities available for graduates include:

  • Lobbyist
  • Lawyer
  • Political consultant
  • Campaign manager
  • Political correspondent


Political science is considered a social science, and includes the understanding of politics, government and state. It was originally defined by Aristotle.

The field overlaps with many other fields including economics, sociology, international relations, and history. However, the three main components of political science include comparative politics, political philosophy, and international studies.

Have you always had an interest in politics and how they affect people? Are you interested in advancing your career with a degree in political science?

Our programs are offered through accredited colleges and universities. They are created with busy and active adults in mind, who are looking for a flexible option in earning their degree.

Courses typically include history, government, global politics, and conflict resolution.

Are you ready to enter this demanding field?

Explore our programs below to see if there is one that is in alignment with your future goals. If you have any questions or are ready for more information, submit your online form and a representative will contact you to discuss your needs.

Together, you can determine if we are the right match for your career path.