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Online Fire Science Degrees

Study the mechanics and science of fire.

Online Fire Science Degree programs are meant to expose students to simulated disaster scenarios, such as aircraft catastrophes, burning high-rise buildings, and even hazardous material spills.

Qualified individuals with a degree from a Fire Science degree program can work in local public safety agencies or in government administration. Salaries with this specialization range from $46,000 - $80,000 per year depending on years of experience. With a Fire Science degree individuals can lay the groundwork for a career as:

  • Fire chief
  • Code inspectors
  • Fire prevention specialists
  • Or working with contractors and architects to design safe buildings

A career in fire science or fire protection, enables you to learn about fire emergencies, behavior, protection, and investigation. You will become involved in research, testing, application, development, and actual fire safety.

Whether you are interested in becoming involved in fire emergencies or the development of new high tech systems and tools, the options are endless.

Common topics that you may learn about during your program enrollment include:

  • Chemistry of fire
  • Alarm systems and installation
  • Safety
  • Extinguishing techniques and technologies
  • Construction

Entering the field of fire protection enables you to understand the components of a fire, how to keep yourself and others safe and ways to educate on the prevention of fire. People look to those that understand this science to provide them the information, guidance, and protection they need during a devastating time.

If this sounds like you, explore our online programs below to determine if there is one that is right for you.