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Bachelor of Arts in Supply Chain Management

Ashford University



Ashford University's online Bachelor of Arts in Supply Chain Management degree program was created for those individuals who are looking to develop the broad knowledge and skills that are needed for managing the supply chain process of any business or organization.

Throughout the course of this online supply chain management program, students work with knowledgeable faculty members to gain the experience and knowledge that is needed for working the complex system of managing inventory, supply, and costs, the demand for supply chain and logistics managers is expected to grow faster than for other professionals.

As students work through the curriculum of this program, they will will discover how to distribute products while preparing to manage procurement, transportation, and warehouses for quality.

Learn to assess systems' performance using logistics decision support. Examine globalization's effect on organizations' operations and production.

Your online courses include such relevant subjects as accounting, decision modeling, and hazardous materials. Coordinate your own success - earn your Bachelor of Arts in Supply Chain Management from Ashford University.

High school diploma or GED; be age 22 or older; have work experience, preferably full-time work experience; meet the writing proficiency standards of the College of External Studies.

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