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Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice

Ashford University



Enhance your understanding of the criminal justice system and the impact social issues on maintaining a just society by earning your Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice (BASCJ) from Ashford University.

During this program students gain a greater understanding of the Criminal Justice System from educated faculty as well as real world experience in the field. This degree can be used to further your professional career in the law enforcement or criminal justice markets. Also, many students benefit from a BASCJ degree by using it to investigate both the social and legal sides of criminal justice, from forensics and psychology to crime prevention and terrorism. Be an instrument for change when you choose the BASCJ degree to better understand the legal and social forces that shape the American culture.

Applicants to this program must have a High school diploma or GED, be age 22 or older, have work experience, preferably full-time work experience and meet the writing proficiency standards of the College of External Studies.

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