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Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management - Elementary Education

Ashford University



Ashford University's Organizational Management program examines the human side of managing organizations, skill development in communication, group behavior, decision-making, human resource management and ethics. One of the best things about Ashford University's Organizational Management program is the student's ability to customize their degree to fit their professional and educational goals. Students with a background in Elementary Education can transfer up to 12 credits of Elementary Education coursework into their Organizational Management concentration, resulting in a dynamic degree comprised of complementing areas.

Students focusing in Elementary Education program will gain many of the skills required to be successful as a professional educator. These students will combine their Elementary Education concentration with organizational skill development in communications, group behavior, decision making, human resource management and ethics, culminating in a well-rounded degree. In addition, Ashford University's transfer policy will allow you to transfer in your Elementary Education credits no matter when you took them.

Applicants to this program must have a High school diploma or GED, be age 22 or older, have work experience, preferably full-time work experience and meet the writing proficiency standards of the College of External Studies.

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