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Bachelor of Arts in History

Ashford University



Ashford University's online Bachelor of Arts in History degree is an ideal program for any individual who is looking to develop the intellectual toolkit that is needed for addressing the complex global issues through the study of history.

In a world that has been transformed by the powerful tides of globalization and cultural conflict, this online degree program has been designed to guide students as they explore multiple regions and cultures.

This is an ideal degree program for any individuals who is considering future careers, such as lawyers, educators, public servants, and can also be an excellent option for those individuals who are considering pursuing an advanced degree.

With this online degree in history, students are able to dive into the past as a means of preparing for their future through comprehension study of the evolving forces that continually shape modern life.

All applicants must be at least age 22+ only, and may NOT already have a Bachelors degree or higher.

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