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Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Studies - Sociology

Ashford University



With Ashford University's online Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Studies - Sociology degree program, students are able to work with experts in the field of sociology as they gain a well-rounded knowledge of various sociological factors and theories.

This is excellent online sociology program for any individuals who are interested in understanding the sociological nature that is at the heart of the health care field.

This online sociology degree program was created to guide students in developing their knowledge of present day social issues with an emphasis on the sociological factors involved in creating these issues will combine easily with your studies of the US health care system, as well as medical ethics and law culminating in a well-rounded degree.

Graduates of this online health care / sociology degree program will be able to adequately demonstrate their knowledge and skills in providing quality health care services.

All applicants must have a High school diploma or GED; be age 22 or older; have work experience, preferably full-time work experience; meet the writing proficiency standards of the College of External Studies.

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