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Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - Accounting

Ashford University



Are you looking for an online degree program that will aid you in developing the skills and understanding that is needed to obtain and succeed in an accounting career? Then the online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA) - Accounting degree from Ashford University is the right online degree program for you.

This online accounting degree offers its students an opportunity to develop a variety of accounting skills in project management, critical thinking and leadership skills.

This fully online accounting degree program will enable its students with the skills and understanding that is needed for obtaining a career, such as:

  • Accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Tax collector
  • Auditor
  • Securities sales representative
  • Loan officer
  • Revenue agent
  • Actuary
  • Underwriter

This program offers students an opportunity to develop a well-rounded understanding of the in-depth concepts of accountancy as well as a variety of other areas in business administration, including:

  • Marketing
  • Quantitative theory
  • Economic principlesFinancial, human, and organizational management
  • Graduates of this online degree in accounting program will have develop a strong grasp on the practical understanding of the ideas and concepts that are at the heart of applying accounting to business administration.

    With this program students can transfer up to 90 credits toward their online Bachelor's Degree and accelerate their degree completion. Students may personalize their Business Administration coursework with 12 semester credits of previously completed transfer coursework in Business Management.

    Applicants to this program must have a High school diploma or GED, be age 22 or older, have work experience, preferably full-time work experience and meet the writing proficiency standards of the College of External Studies. Also, transfer up to 90 approved credits toward your Bachelor's degree and accelerate your path to completion.

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