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Associate of Applied Science - Business Finance

Harrison College



The Associate of Applied Science in Business Finance program offered by Indiana Business College provides students with an extensive business background, focusing on principles of finance. Specialized courses in banking and the interpretation of financial statements provide the foundation for students to begin careers in banking, insurance, lending, and many other related industries.

The program focuses on the principles and techniques of effective business administration. Some courses students take include a business math course that provides students with a basic understanding of mathematics concepts and methods applied to business situations. Topics covered include banking, markups and markdowns, trade and cash discounts, payroll, simple and compound interest, and promissory notes, and the discount process.

The Principles of Banking facilitates an understanding of banking, money, and financial markets. Students will learn about the function, forms, and evolution of money. The course will evolve around central banking, Federal Reserve System, and the monetary policy.

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Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)

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