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Online Public Health Degrees

Public health majors know what makes a society healthy.

This major prepares students to identify political, social, and economic factors that determine a society’s overall health—and develop practical solutions for health problems in their communities.

You can study public health and earn a public health degree online. General health support staff make anywhere from $9 to $23 per hour, but you could make much more with a job as a consultant or director. Career opportunities include:

  • Director of community development
  • Health care management consultant
  • Disease management specialist
  • Health policy practitioner

The main focus of a career in public health is to improve the quality of life and health of a community. Typically, through disease prevention, treatment of illness, and understanding of overall health conditions, the well being of a community can be enhanced.

Simple education of washing your hands, sexually transmitted diseases, or breast feeding can be done through public health. They are also involved in more concerning health concerns like pandemics or emergency response teams.

Wondering what types of courses are required for public health degrees? Worried about adding college courses to your already busy schedule?

One of the most flexible ways to earn a college degree is through an online program.

Whether you are a working professional that needs to schedule classes around your employment or a recent graduate who is looking to cut down on commute time, online courses are designed for your convenience.

Our list of accredited universities enable you to earn a degree from a respected establishment. Advisors and professors are available to help you from picking out your coursework to transitioning into the workplace.

Courses can include topics such as health policy, environmental health, or healthcare administration. Coursework throughout these programs will give you a strong foundation throughout your career.

If you are confused about whether you should enter a Master’s degree program or enter another level program, there are professionals waiting to help you make the right decision.

Making a choice on degrees and courses can be overwhelming. Through our knowledgeable staff, you can begin a program that meets your current and future needs.