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Online Clinical Research Degrees

Research and study the latest health and disease related issues.

A Clinical Researcher is an individual who works directly with patients, or uses data from patients, to do research on health and disease related issues to develop new treatments.

Clinical researchers may also do research how health care practices affect health and disease.

The salary for individuals working in a Clinical Research job average between $47,3777 - $60,453. This varies depending on your degree or training.



One of the most important fields for the advancement of medicine is the position of a clinical researcher.

Our knowledge and expertise in the medical field would not be where it is today without highly qualified and trained individuals to contribute to this industry.

They are responsible for the testing and developing of devices, medicines, treatments and products that are used within medicine each and everyday.

Some Clinical Research career possibilities include:

  • Clinical Research Professionals
  • Clinical Data Professionals
  • Clinical Programming Professionals
  • Drug Safety Professionals
  • Regulatory Affairs Professionals

Throughout the United States, prior to a new product being approved for human use by the Food and Drug Administration, researchers need to test for safety, effectiveness, and tolerability.

Does this sound like you? Are you interested in playing a key role in the progression of medicine?

Demand for professionals in health care continues to climb. Regardless of the medium, the need for qualified and specialized individuals are in demand.

People who are typically drawn to careers in clinical research, tend to have a passion for the health care industry.

If you are fascinated with learning about laboratory technologies, disease pathology, pharmaceutical research, or analyzing clinical data, then exploring an online research degree may be perfect for you.

Whether you are just starting out with your advanced education or you are adding to a degree you already attained, online degrees are available through several universities.

The ease and flexibility of attaining a degree has never been easier. Explore your possibilities and find a program that fits your needs.