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Public Safety Degrees Online

Protect and serve the public interest.

With an online Public Safety degree, individuals have the knowledge that is needed for protecting and serving public interest. This is an ideal field for any individual who is looking to gain the skills that are needed for relating to people under difficult circumstances, and ensuring the overall safety of the public.

Individuals who hold a degree in Public Safety have an income that ranges between $43,232 and $95,271, and provides them with the knowledge that is required to obtaining and succeeding in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Paramedic and emergency medical technician
  • Firefighting
  • Law enforcement agencies at the local, state, or federal levels
  • Wildlife management

The main purpose of people working within public safety is to prevent and protect people from dangerous events, crimes, damage and disasters. Whether it is managing an organization’s public safety or leading a team of security officers in private corporations, the options for this degree are abundant.

Our programs enable you to earn a degree starting at a Bachelor’s and working your way up to a Doctorate. Each course of study is done online, which gives you the flexibility to study and take classes when the time is right for you.

Today, so many adults are busy with full time jobs or raising families. For many of those adults adding college to their schedule is next to impossible.

We developed our programs with busy adults in mind. Now you can advance your degree, without needed to revamp your schedule.

If you are ready to learn more information, request it below and a representative will contact you to discuss your options. You will find that the programs vary, but some classes may appear similar. Common courses for these programs include leadership, communications, criminal law, emergency preparedness and security.

Together with your advisor, you can find a program that fits into your lifestyle and goals.