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Online Emergency Management Degrees

Learn to manage emergency situations

Who helps businesses or organizations prepare for the unknown disaster? Who helps them feel calm and in control when outside situations appear to be taking control?

They do this by responding to the needs of the people in the areas affected by a disaster, quickly and efficiently without much warning or notice.

Emergency Management personnel can be responsible events such as evacuating a town, distribution of food to people in crisis, and even providing medical care to injured people.

Individuals in the field are needed in all emergencies including: severe weather, terrorist attacks, and chemical mishaps.

Emergency management specialists earn around $41,690 - $49,350 per year, and the need for individuals in this area is expected to increase 28.2%.

Careers in emergency and disaster management include:

  • Government jobs
  • Private sector careers
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Fire fighters
  • And, other protective service workers.

Not only do experts in emergency management deal with the after affects of a disaster, they help organizations and businesses prepare for one, just in case.

Business owners and individuals who are running organizations have heart, time, and money invested into their dream and creation. Having peace of mind that everything will continue to run smoothly or that there is a back up system in place, is essential for their peace of mind.

With a degree in emergency management, you can make that happen! You have the ability to learn key items to help bring these businesses and organizations the peace of mind they need to a situation out of their control.

Classes might include safety, emergency management, security, law, and auditing. To help you achieve your degree with flexibility, there are online options for your program.

With the ability to take online courses, you can create a schedule that works for you. No need to worry about anyone else’s schedule or fight crowds of traffic or students to get to class on time.

If you are ready to get started, explore our programs below. When you find one that sounds appealing, request more information. A representative will contact you to discuss our program and your needs.