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Interactive Education and Online Learning References

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Jan 3, 2013 Eve Hullett, Columnist | 0 Comments

As the Internet becomes widely utilized in the classroom, teachers are encouraged to use interactive and online learning tools. In fact, modern students have come to expect some of their lessons to be interactive, which are usually more interesting than conventional lessons. Students may prefer interactive and online lessons because they can participate in the learning experience and some of the lessons are supplemented by music, images, photographs, videos, sounds, and so on.

Other than lesson plans, there are also wonderful tools like online tests, online quizzes, Cyberhunts, WebQuests, Student Response Systems, and more. It’s true that there are many online resources for teachers on the Internet, but it’s also true that some of the resources are below the acceptable standards. Here’s a comprehensive resource guide to interactive resources and materials for teachers.

SMART Board Resources

  • SMART Board: Resources cover software, interactive websites, activity downloads, tutorials, and more.
  • Resources for Teachers: The page contains SMART Board teacher tools, language arts resources, math resources, science resources, art resources, music resources, and so on.
  • More Resources: A great place find SMART tips, SMART Board ideas, template ideas, gallery collections, sites to help you get started, and lots more.
  • Teaching Tips: A list of SMART Board resources for K12 teachers with links to “Fun School”, math courses, “Order in the Library”, “Celebrate Winter Holidays”, and so on.
  • Interactive Whiteboards: Here’s a great compilation of SMART resources with information on Whiteboards, interactive games, lessons, and more.
  • Whiteboard Resources: The page provides tips on using SMART Board, instructional manuals, gallery collections, SMART lessons, and other resources.

Online Testing and Quiz Sites

  • QuizStar: On this site, teachers can manage classes and quizzes, create quizzes in various languages, grade quizzes automatically, and it’s free to use.
  • That Quiz: The webpage provides online quizzes on subjects like integers, fractions, geometry, vocabulary, geography, and science.
  • American History: Online multiple choice questions on various topics like Early Discovery and Settlement, The American Revolution, The Early Republic, The Age of Jackson, and more.
  • The Solar System: The page provides lessons on each of the planet in the Solar System with quizzes.
  • Self-Scoring Quizzes: Here, teachers can learn how to make their own online quizzes with free quiz-maker pages.
  • Online Testing and Quizzes Sites: A great list of resources on online tests and quizzes for teachers.

WebQuests and Cyberhunts

  • WebQuest Collection: A large collection of WebQuests on subjects like Bats, Medieval Times, Countries of the World, Pumpkin Fun, Mysteries, Natural Disasters, First Nations, Ancient Greece, and lots more.
  • More WebQuests: Here, you will find links to lots of WebQuest sites including Elementary School WebQuests, WebQuest creation, Math WebQuests, and more.
  • WebQuest: One of the most comprehensive websites on WebQuests where you can find information on creating WebQuests, finding WebQuests, and so on.
  • Cyberhunt Resources: A list of Cyberhunt resources on subjects like Ancient Greek Gods, Ancient Egypt, Human Body, Light, Rainbows, and more.
  • Christopher Columbus: In this Cyberhunt, kids will learn about the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus.
  • WebQuests & Cyberhunts: A list of resources on subjects like Bear Hunt, Bug Hunt, Antarctica, Martin Luther King, Soccer, Veteran’s Day, Weather, Women’s History, and so on.

Student Response Systems

  • Student Response Systems: A report on the use of Student Response Systems by the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.
  • Classroom Response Systems: The page provides information on CRS, teaching with a CRS, the benefits of using a CRS, and more.
  • Overview of Student Response Systems: Here, you will find out about the history of SRS, potential benefits of SRS, the types of systems, issues, observations, and the current status of SRS.
  • Teaching with SRS: A great source of information for teachers who are using Student Response Systems in their classrooms.
  • The Use of Clickers: The webpage provides information on the use of SRS with introduction, how it works, its limitations, and other issues.

Internet Lesson Plans

  • Lesson Plans & Teaching Tools: Excellent collection of Internet lesson plans and tools for teachers of all levels.
  • Plans & Strategies: A large collection of lesson plans on subjects like Africa, Age of Enlightenment, Amistad Case, Economics, and much more.
  • Science Lesson Plans: The webpage offers lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school students.
  • Math Lesson Plans: A comprehensive resource page on lesson plans for math teachers.
  • History Lesson Plans: The Smithsonian Institute presents a collection of lesson plans on American history and more.
  • Spelling Lesson Plans: Here’s a weekly program for Grade 3 -5 teachers.
  • Grammar Lesson Plans: The webpage offers many lesson plans on nouns, parts of speech, antecedents, verbs, sentence fragments, and so on.




Eve Hullett

With years of experience in the field of non-profit education, Eve has done it all. From teaching to tutoring, Eve has worked with hundreds of students to help them succeed in their pursuit of a college education. Today, when Eve is not enjoying a day of hiking, she spends her time writing articles on the strategies and methods of being a good student and fulfilling your goals for a college education.

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