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Educational Math Games for Kids & Teens

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Jun 5, 2013 Eve Hullett, Columnist | 0 Comments

Math can be a difficult subject for many kids. Learning and understanding different formulas, how math works, and the different ways math is used in everyday life is essential to ensuring your students' success. There are many resources available to help students understand math, and games are a great way to help them grasp many different mathematical concepts. Whether you are an educator of younger preschool to middle school children or a high school teacher, games that involve math can serve as an excellent supplement to any curriculum. Math is so important in order for kids to be productive adults, whether it is handling money, utilizing it in a career, or other ways, and making math fun can help students succeed and enjoy the process while they learn.

Math Vocabulary Bingo

This bingo lesson plan helps students understand the many different terms used in mathematics.

Math Lingo Game

This game instructs players to match various mathematical terms in order to better understand words used in math.

Every Day Hangman

This hangman game explores the basics of mathematical vocabulary.

SAT Math Vocabulary Game

This game shows students how to learn various mathematical vocabulary that may be a part of the SAT test.

Flurry Flavors

Help the penguin scoop the right type of ice cream and make his customers happy using the correct answer to his multiplication problems.

The Mad Math Game

Help the professor by entering in the correct answer to various multiplication math problems.

Math Man Multiplication

Made to look like Pac Man, this multiplication game helps kids solve multiplication problems while having a great time doing it!

What Time is It?

Use the analog clock to find out what time it is, and then answer by clicking on the alarm clock below with the correct time displayed.

Telling the Time

This simple exercise will help students understand how to tell time.

Time Travel: Tell Time!

Help the astronaut find his friend by making sure you give the right answer when choosing the correct time.

NASA: Addition Blast Off

See if you can add "as fast as a rocket" with this fun addition game from NASA!

Feed Fribbit Addition

Help the frog catch the flies with the right numbers to help solve the different math addition equations.

Add Numbers Game

Have fun playing this interactive addition math game, for students Pre-K through Kindergarten.

Mad Money Game

This game teaches kids how to save money for the things they want. Great for high school age as well.

Peter Pig's Money Counter

With the help of a piggy bank named Peter Pig, students can learn how to count, add, sort, and save money.

Dollar Dive

Students can catch coins to help save the sinking boat, and can learn about how different monetary denominations look.

The Fed Chairman Game

Designed more for middle to high schoolers, this game can help students learn about central banking and the job of the US Federal Reserve.

Perry's Pennies

From the Treasury, play this fun game to help track and save your pennies for a rainy day.

Geometry Matho Game

For more advanced students, this game teaches them how to identify various geometric shapes.

6th Grade Math Game: Angles

This game will help 6th graders learn the various geometric angles.

Geometry Workshop

This page has several different games dedicated to teaching the many different principles of geometry.

Fun With Shapes

This puzzle game helps students understand shapes and what they look like by using a simple picture puzzle format.

Shape Surveyor Geometry Game

This archeology-themed game can help students understand the different shapes involved in geometry.

Minute Math: Subtraction Game

This fast paced game helps students learn the basics of subtraction.

Balloon Pop Subtraction

An easy, yet fun game that helps younger students focus on the basics of mathematical subtraction can be found here.

Speed Grid Challenge

This fast game helps students learn how to subtract by doing quick equations and fighting against the clock.

Minus Mission

Play this fun game that helps kids learn how to subtract while on a mission.

Aztec Takeaway

This two player or two team game is designed to teach players how to subtract by trying to tip "goo" on your opponent's head using subtraction equations.

Divisibility Rules

This game can help students better learn about the principles of division.

Ambleweb Division Machine

This game is simple in format, and a good way to help students practice their division skills.

Are you a Math Magician?

Find out how good you are at division, and see if your students are math magicians by playing this fun game.

Fridge Magnet Division Game

Move the refrigerator magnets around to solve different division equations.




Eve Hullett

With years of experience in the field of non-profit education, Eve has done it all. From teaching to tutoring, Eve has worked with hundreds of students to help them succeed in their pursuit of a college education. Today, when Eve is not enjoying a day of hiking, she spends her time writing articles on the strategies and methods of being a good student and fulfilling your goals for a college education.

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