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Online Multimedia Design Degree Programs

Multimedia designers communicate through a range of media.

People who are trained and qualified in graphic design have more opportunities now than ever before.

Whether graphics are used in print or on technology the need is expanding at a rapid rate.

They use video, audio, and visual effects to get their message across to their audience. Multimedia design majors are in demand across a wide range of industries.

Graphic designers in general make about $38,030 per year.  You can get a multimedia design degree through both traditional and online accredited schools. 

When you graduate, some of your career options include:

  • Computer animator
  • Web designer
  • Graphic and multimedia designer
  • Audio/visual designer
  • Multimedia production designer
  • Virtual reality environment designer

Are you ready to bump your career up a notch?

Are you looking to become qualified in graphic or multimedia design?

If you are looking to put your future goals into action with flexibility, explore a degree in graphic design.

Our programs provide you a hands on approach to learning how to add color, imaging, and composition.

You will combine your creativity with your critical thinking to develop products that are sought after within the business world.

Classes consist of learning about web design, art, marketing, and digital imaging. Depending on the exact program you pick will determine the coursework throughout your enrollment.

When you are finished with your degree, you will have a portfolio that will make you marketable in the workplace.

Are you ready to get started?

Each of our offerings are listed below. Whether you are interested in a certification or a degree, you can search for the best match based on your needs.

When you find a program that fits into your goals, request more information.

One of our experienced representatives will contact you to discuss your concerns, questions and help you develop a plan for your futures.