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Social Media Degrees

Online Degrees in Social Media

What is a social media marketing degree?

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ have become part of everyday language around the world. From middle schoolers to retirees, the world of social media has changed the way people communicate, businesses operate, and consumers spend money.

The good news for those that love social media, there are career opportunities opening up and expanding each year. Whether you are interested in helping your current employee integrate social media into their marketing or you want to start your own business helping several businesses understand online marketing methods, the options are endless and are just beginning to unfold.

What can you do with a degree in social media?

Many who enter the world of social media as a career don’t hold a degree. The field is so new, that degrees are not always something others look for when hiring someone to fill this position. That being said, there are plenty of people who market themselves as experts in online marketing and really don’t understand it themselves.

Due to many business owners hiring inexperienced people to take over social media marketing and having less than satisfactory success, companies are now turning to those that complete a social media degree program. This certification provides a foundation for students, so they can deliver what they promise.

Common career titles for those holding this type of degree include:

  •     Community manager
  •     Social media strategist
  •     Online marketer
  •     Social media marketing specialist
  •     Digital strategist
  •     Information technology strategist

How can you benefit from an social media degree program?

If you are ready to break into a new, exciting, and fast growing industry consider earning your social media marketing degree online. Because this type of career is mostly done online, where better to take classes and build a foundation?

Online programs not only teach you the information you need to know for success, they also allow you flexibility for your education. You are able to complete your courses at a pace that fits into your schedule and lifestyle.

Many of our students are working full time jobs and earning their masters degree in social media at the same time, so they can better their lives. Often they have children or are in the military.
Regardless of your situation, online programs enable you to work around your schedule.

If you are ready to take your career to new places or earn the degree that will give you the respect in an expanding marketplace, search through our programs to determine which one is right for you.